Bow Tie - Burgundy Asanoha Japanese

$390.00 HKD

As the ultimate retro-chic accessory, bow ties are back on trend!

They’re the elegant touch to any man’s wardrobe and an indispensable staple. The Colonel Moutarde does not do collections, but certain classic bow ties remain constant in the range. They’re also a fun accessory. You can dare colour, easily follow a dress code. Worn together by several, they’ll make you feel part of a team.

- Handmade in Lille (North of France)
- 100% cotton
- One size, slimline, adjustable thanks to 4 press studs, from S to XL
- To tie and untie over and over again!

About Le Colonel Moutarde

The unique story behind the creation of Colonel Moutarde started off because of a frustration. The Colonel Moutarde’s mission statement is to bring bow ties back to the fashion front scene, by turning an old-fashioned classic into a trendy wardrobe must-have accessory. The choice of the name "Moutarde" (meaning mustard in French) refers to a colour which was totally obsolete, but is definitely back in trend today. The idea was also to add a bit of mystery by using the name of the enigmatic character, everyone could identify with.