Leisure Brainvita Nude

By Taamaa


Taamaa’s games are a contemporary revival of traditional childhood favourites that date back centuries.
Brainvita is a stimulating board game for one player dating back to the 17th century. Crafted in a contemporary design, it is played on a nickel plate within a clean-lined eco-friendly bonded leather box.
The aesthetic has stylishly evolved but the objective to strategically empty the board of marbles down to the final one remains. Includes: 32 Marbles (3 extra are included)

- Single player game
- 32 marbles
- 3 extra marbles included
- Made of eco-friendly bonded leather
- 195 x 195 x 35 mm
- Leather

About Taamaa

Contemporary materials, considered detail, and a flair for expressing function defines Taamaa. With its roots firmly placed in India, Taamaa creates versatile design inspired by a curious lens on our surrounding world. Expression. Versatility. Function. Delight. Meaning soul in Japanese, they use their aesthetic anchors to drive design concepts, each looking to enrich everyday experience.