Profile Bottle Opener Silver

$480.00 HKD

Open a bottle is an attitude

Honest and premium materials combine to create a satisfying bottle opening experience. The silky surface and substantial weight of polished Carrara marble feel incredible in the hand and the rich anodized brass and silver frame form a durable structure that will open bottles for years to come.

- Dimension: 0.75" x 0.75" x 5" / 2cm x 2cm x 12.5cm
- Color: Silver + Carrara Marble
- Materials: aluminum, carrara marble, ceramic

About Fire Road

Fire Road (San Francisco) is a design brand built on a search for quality, an expert knowledge of manufacturing and a desire to reimagine classic objects. Industrial designer Andrew Perkins brings new life to iconic and irreplaceable objects. Inspired by the classic dovetail joint, Profile Bottle Opener is the perfect carry good or kitchen tool.