Slow Coffee, take your time


Elevate the Ritual of Coffee Brewing.

Brewer stand with a dignified blends naturally into a calm and relaxing space, as though it has always been there. The brass of the brewer stand is blasted to suit a vintage style. By using the knob to adjust the height of the stand, you can brew into any mug or server. Functionality is also considered in the design of all items; for example, the server is narrow around the top rim so that it does not miss any drip of coffee, the stainless steel filter has titanium coating that prevents odors of drinks from remaining.

- Brewer stand set 4 cups 6.5" x 5.1" x 9.85" / 16.5cm x 13cm x 25cm

Why you should go for it...

Let your day be filled with what inspires you.

It's about slowing down and seeing the beauty of nature in the change of seasons. It's about savoring a delightful dish with close family and friends to unwind and feel wholesome. It's about coming to understand the joys of finding things that feel just right in your hands. Kinto imagines the scenes that enrich your life to develop and bring you products with genuine creativity and thoughtfulness.