The Yoga Man(ual)

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Are you curious about yoga but don’t know how to get started? Intimidated by all the chanting and breathwork, or worried that you can’t even touch your toes? Let The Yoga Man(ual) be your guide. This approachable book covers everything from the basics and benefits of yoga to how to master a handstand, and includes dozens of essential poses you need to develop your own practice—whether at the studio, at home, or on the road.

- Author: Jen Murphy
- Publisher: Dovetail
- Trim Size: 8" x 8" / 20.3cm x 20.3cm
- 192 Pages

-Binding: Flexi/softcover

Why you should go for it...

Throughout the book are tips from top instructors, professional athletes, and executives, as well as stories from regular guys who have gone from yoga-adverse to yoga-obsessed. With The Yoga Man(ual), you’ll have everything you need to step on the mat with confidence.