Handmade furniture that lasts and tells a story

Visit our collection of vintage teak and other hardwood furniture from India. Each piece has a story to tell.  Restored by hand, but with care to preserved the patina and wear and tear of age, which gives the furniture its authenticity and charm.


Snuggle up this Winter

There's nothing like staying warm and cozy at home. Throw blankets are the perfect way to stay comfortable while adding style to your living room and/or bedroom. Shop our wide range of throw blankets below.


3,000 recycled plastic bottles at a time

As soft and cosy as wool underfoot, each of Weaver Green's machine washable rugs are made from up to 3000 recycled plastic bottles. Weaver Green textiles are waterproof, mould resistant, easy to clean, hardwearing and have great environmentally friendly credentials! 

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