INSIDE has been stocking more products from Portugal. We love the quality, the design, the materials and the colours and believe they are very compatible with Hong Kong architecture and lifestyle. Prices are very affordable as well.

Want to add a Portuguese touch to your home but don't know where to start?

Artisans still maintain the long tradition of Portugal's handicrafts. Typically, the Portuguese style is defined by its richness and variety in colours and materials. Its unique traditional art of handicrafts always leaves a lasting impression.

Here are 3 things you can easily include in your interior for a Portuguese touch: 

1. Handmade wool pieces

Wool is part of Portuguese history and heritage - known as the typical fabric supported by the creativity of the best Portuguese designers. 

For example, since 1947, Burel Factory continues to produce using the same machines and traditional equipment, from the time the industry was still made by hand. The brand ensures the production of unique, different and high quality fabrics while preserving the past, reinterpreting it and making it into a story of the future.

2. Colours

 is also known for its beautiful wool and cotton craft (as seen in the picture at the top of the blog, featuring a mustard yellow wool throw); restoring wool looms from the 1960s and 1970s, preserving the traditions while safeguarding the environment. 

They also use recycled cotton for their beautiful table cloths, place mats and cushion covers, and will extend this to their entire cotton range as and when supply of raw material allows. We love the soft, textured woven fabrics, but what really caught our eye was the variety of colours, easily matching any home or style, and providing an opportunity to add something different. Have a look at their wide range of recycled cotton cushion covers here

3. Ceramics

Portugal is also famed for its high-quality and rich heritage in ceramics, delicately finished with enticing colours and patterns. Sthal ceramics are crafted in Portugal and are inspired by their crafts - with a modern Scandinavian twist. 

This brand is proving very popular with our customers, and mixes beautifully with our selection of Portuguese, Indian and Vietnamese tablecloths and runners.