Autumn decor ideas and design trends tend to focus on creating a warm, cozy home. The great thing is that these trends are timeless, and they can be used for various seasons, even years!  

Here are the top fall trends for 2022, so you can start creating the ideal space for you and your loved ones. 

  1. Use warm toned colours

As the season changes, a palette of charming, rich hues will help create a new, relaxing atmosphere. Take ruby red, bright orange, sunny yellow or sage green for example. The warm colours can be implemented in many ways: either as painted on a wall, or by layering cushions and throws, or simply by using a hand knotted rug like the one below:

  1. Embrace natural materials

Natural finishes have been a huge focus this year - otherwise known as the 'Organic Modern Trend'. In fact, it was also part of this summer's trends. For Autumn, organic materials will instantly bring warmth and coziness while creating a refreshing space. Raw, earthy elements really go a long way in any interior space - like this teakwood cabinet, as seen below: 

  1. Create coziness

Create a calming home with things such as bedding or layering (this can also be done on your bench or sofa!). Layering quilts, throws, and/or cushions will help create a relaxing and restorative atmosphere in which you and your guests will be able to easily unwind. There’s never too much layering! Think different textures and patterns like below: 


  1. Add pops of bright colours

For a warm, welcoming effect, you can always include more bright and festive colours. Think earthy tones like the cushion and throw blanket seen above! This can also be your soft furnishings, like this green table linen for example, as seen below. (Available in our stores only). 

  1. Accentuate with vintage pieces 

These days, it is really rare not to come across the presence of vintage pieces in interior design trends. Adding unique vintage pieces will undoubtedly bring more character to your space. As seen on the 2nd shelf below, here are some of the unique vintage pieces we have. Some are in bold earthy tones, others are in bright pops of colours. Have a look at our selection here!