With the arrival of the aestival season, we may feel inspired to upgrade our interior. Here are simple tips to elevate your home and give it a fresh new look while keeping up with the latest trends.  

1. Aim for the all-natural look

Natural colours and materials have increasingly been an interior design focus, especially this summer 2022. Think organic elements made from terracotta, wood or clay - pieces that combine the beauty of nature with exquisite craftsmanship. 
Like this Indian vintage pair of doors handmade in teakwood and brass, with a blue toned finish. Or, a white finished vintage cabinet. 



2. Don't be afraid to add statement objects!

Add attitude and expression with statement objects. Go the extra mile with daring shapes or vibrant colours! The possibilities are endless. Just remember: quality over quantity.

Tip: opt for golden tones which remind the shimmering summer sunsets!

3. Think of lighting as the jewellery of your interior 

Lighting affects our mood and significantly impacts the ambience of an interior. 
A new lamp may completely alter how a room will make you feel. Here's an example of a natural terracotta lamp that leaves a lasting yet organic impression. 

4. Sustainability

These days, the focus is on making the right and thoughtful choices for your interior and the planet by using recycled or up-cycled furniture. Or simply, pieces that are made with eco-friendly materials: like this eco-mix made decorative lantern. This resonates well with our values here at INSIDE.

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