We are excited to announce that we are adding three new variants to our iconic Dragon rug and we are thrilled to share these beautiful photos of the rugs being made in Nepal, a laborious process which can take weeks.  

This dragon design is exclusive to INSIDE and is based on a vintage Tibetan rug which our owner bought over 30 years ago.  We are getting a couple more pieces in the original green but thought it would be interesting to try something different.   In the end, we selected a gorgeous red, a sophisticated cream and a morning sky blue.   

Beautiful natural tones 

The process begins with a careful selection of raw wool, which is spun into yarn and then dyed to the right specifications at the workshop.

‘Balling’ is done by hand, to make the yarn 3 ply, and prevent entanglement when the weavers are at work.

Each design is painstakingly drawn onto a sheet, with the colours added in water colour, to create a template for the weaver to follow.  The rugs are hand-knotted in the traditional Tibetan style.  The ‘cross weave’ method takes a lot longer but creates a much more durable (and easier to repair) product than uncrossed or machine-tufted rugs.  Tibetan cross-weave rugs can last for generations if properly cared for. View reel here 

Worker welfare is a top priority for our suppliers.

As part of the finishing process, a flame is passed gently over the back of the rug to remove any stray fibres and seal the knots. 

The top of the rug is skilfully trimmed by hand, to flatten the pile and distinguish the lines in the design more clearly.

And finally, a bath in the pristine waters of the high Himalayas!   An occasional wash in water, with or without a mild, non-chemical detergent, is perfectly safe for your rugs, and is really one of the best ways to keep them clean.

We only have a limited selection.  Hope to have them in the shops and online very soon, but please let us know if you would like to reserve one.

February 28, 2024 — Mary McBain