At INSIDE, we like to keep our Christmas (or any party) tables simple, sustainable and low-key, albeit with a touch of glamour. 
We have shared some of our ideas below.

1. Table linen 

It goes without saying that this is the time to bring out your best crockery and glassware - if you are lucky enough to have such a thing - but even if you don’t, a lovely table cloth can transform the every day into an occasion.  Like all good wardrobe staples, table cloths can be dressed up or dressed down, but they are a great starting point for any special event.

Most table linens will work, but we think our block-printed table cloths* add immediate colour and excitement.

As green and red are the traditional Christmas colours, we have used a green block-printed cloth* and a red Chicoracao recycled cotton table cloth, paired with a Saamro table runner.  That being said, the possibilities are endless.

*available in stores

2. Candles and decoration 

What’s a party without candles and decoration?

As seen above, we have used our large hurricane candle holder, in which we have added acorns and pine cones for that special holiday cheer, on a base of sand.

Sand is your best friend when it comes to making table decorations: it's free, it’s completely flame-proof and it will hold your candle and other decorations in place, but be careful with moss, pine cones etc nonetheless.  We have first-hand experience of seeing these go up in flames – perhaps not the drama and excitement your party needs.

Apart from hurricane lamps, there are plenty of other ways to present your candles in an eye-catching way.  Here we have used a cake stand to add some height and a beautiful ceramic dish from our Sthal range. A wooden salad bowl can also do the trick, or a vintage red lacquer bowl, pictured below.

Tip: If you simply want to add candles* directly onto the table, we recommend using coasters to protect the table cloth. 

*Christmas tree candles available online soon - stay tuned!

3. Napkin

Even the humblest of napkins can add to the festive look.
We have a wide variety of block print or embroidered napkins, and several types of napkin ring, but even a simple green velvet ribbon (as seen above) on a plain linen napkin makes for a warmer Christmas feel.  

A small gift (we’ve used a bar of soap) can be used as a place card (just add a gift tag), and we’ve echoed the green velvet. Add sprigs of pine, rosemary or flowers on top of the gift or tucked into the napkin ribbon for a more festive look. 

Whichever plant(s), flower arrangement(s), ribbon(s) you can scatter pine cones onto the table or add them to the place setting - it instantly makes it look more inviting and christmassy.