Combining cushions is an art in itself. There are many ways you can mix and match cushions to maximise a colour story in your home, as well as the general style and theme of your decoration. Here’s a little INSIDER guide to give you a few tips and inspiration!

The first step
is to select a colour palette that compliments the rest of your home, and that feels cohesive and balanced.

The second step is to vary the scale of the cushions, as playing with scale will help create depth and visual interest.

The third step is to focus on using different textures, which will help bring attention to the littlest details.

Last but not least, when you style cushions, make sure you implement a sort of symmetry. It helps to “frame” the cushions in a certain way, which helps define a character and a specific style to your living room or bedroom. One important rule: three cushions always work better than two!

Below are some combinations for your inspiration.
All cushions are available online and in stores. 

1. Winter combination

Here, we combined different patterns and textures to evoke a cosy, winter feel: our faux fur and velvet cushions seem like a match made in heaven. We have added a Saamro hand-embroidered cushion in the centre to help define and elevate its general style.

2. Flower linen combination 

Here, we have mixed and matched our favourite, long standing ‘Flower Linen’ collection, which now introduces a new soft green colour. We think they go perfectly well together and are also easily compatible with other cushions and throws.

3. Saamro combination

We have focused on our stunning saamro cushions which portray plenty of bright colours and delicate patterns. To make it more winter-y, we have added our extra soft petrol egg throw and our intricate Burel throws which help add comfort and variety to the eye.

4. Christmas coloured combination

In this bedroom, we have centred our styling around bright Christmas coloured cushions: green and red. Winter doesn’t necessarily mean using bland colours! We have also played with different textures: velvet, linen, and recycled cotton. The velvet touch and the vivid colours add that needed warmth for the cold days!

November 04, 2022 — Olivia Maitre