There’s no right or wrong way to throw a throw - it all depends on your taste!  Sometimes, though, we find it just doesn’t look quite right, so we have put together five suggestions for styling throws this winter.  The good news is, there’s a myriad of ways to style this versatile and comfortable blanket.  

Tidy & Polished
This refined and sophisticated look requires precisionWe make sure we fold the throw evenly and tuck it underneath some cushions (don’t overcrowd your sofa with too many!), to ensure it stays in place! 

The timeless throw portrayed here is made of 100% pure wool and has been delicately handwoven in Portugal. 

2. Stylish & Easy
A throw is not just a design accessory, and on a cold, winter evening, this cosy blanket is just an arm’s reach away.   It’s more casual, yet (when it’s not keeping us warm) it still has the refined aesthetic of the ‘tidy and polished’ look, as seen above.   Hanging it on the arm of the couch is a great way to put the throw’s tassels, pattern and detail on display.   

In this image, we have used our exceptionally soft Chicoracao recycled cotton throw, in a yellow finish - but it is also available in black, blue, red, orange, green, and beige!

 3. Perfectly imperfect
‘Perfectly imperfect’ is the challenging one, and we have found it takes a bit of practice to get it right.  One technique is to pinch the throw at its centre, then drag it over one of the back corners of the sofa. Or, as we have done in this picture, we have made a few folds in our bi-colour Chicoracao throw, to show both the front and the back, draped it over the sofa at a slight angle, tucked it into the sofa cushions to hold it in place. If your sofa is not against a wall, you will need to think about how it looks from the back as well, but the decorative tassels on this throw make that an easier task.



With cushions

4. Bedridden
Throws are an essential part of bed styling - whether folded or casually tossed over your duvet or quilt. They instantly bring character, warmth and texture. It’s all about mix-and-matching and layering for more comfort and style.  In this picture, we have combined a navy blue velvet throw with a beautiful block print quilt, available in our stores.   

5. In a basket 
In a rush? This may be your best option - just use a decorative basket next to your sofa or bed, and simply toss the throw inside. Make sure to pull one of the throw’s corners so that it hangs over the edge, for an effortless, elegant touch! 

October 07, 2022 — Olivia Maitre