We met with Tatiana Boyer,  Zest of Asia creator: an iconic local Hong Kong brand that perfectly resonates with anyone who loves this unique urban jungle; or simply, anyone who wishes to keep a piece of Hong Kong with them once they say farewell... 

interview with Zest of Asia creator

Can you tell us a bit about your brand Zest of Asia, and what inspired you to create it?

Everything started in 2008 when I first arrived in Hong Kong, with a linen tablecloth. I was curious to see what an embroidered typical local tassel would look like on it. Then, it all started from there... I quickly saw the impact and the positive feedback it drew.

Not long after, I found a tea towel that I also embroidered. This tea towel quickly became the first and flagship product of my collection. I started designing more in red, blue, then later on, in grey.

Combining my travels in Asia with the passion I have for interior decoration, this  significantly helped me kickstart my brand. 

Where did the brand first appear?

For a while, I was showcasing my products at Conrad fairs. These really helped raise awareness on my brand and my creations. Then, I started doing private sales, and started developing in boutiques like Inside! 

Are all your creations made locally?

Yes! The tea towels, table linens and napkins are all proudly made in Hong Kong. 

Is Zest of Asia only known in Hong Kong?

Today, I'm happy to say that Zest of Asia is expanding to Japan and Malaysia! 

What's your favourite part of this city?

Typically, I'm more of a nature/ sea-side person. The south of the island is truly my breath of oxygen. That being said, I adore wandering around typical areas like Wan Chai, Sham Shui Po, where I constantly get inspired and meet wonderful people. Hong Kong truly is a special place, and if you're passionate about interior design, it's incredibly inspirational. 

Any new products we should keep an eye out for?

I've been working on a new collection of tea towels made in France (more specifically in the Basque Coast), to showcase the unique, high-quality French touch while still incorporating the most typical elements of Hong Kong. I've also been working on more table linen, also coming from Europe. Stay tuned!