Rustic furniture is an increasingly popular design trend in home decor. 

Effortlessly infuse natural touches to your home with our brand new handmade furniture, delicately crafted in teakwood and made in India. Think colourful and whitewashed rustic furniture for your bedroom, kitchen, living room, kids' room... The possibilities are endless! 

See more about rustic design and its principles here. 

1. Wooden Blue Cabinet

If you love natural pieces and your favourite colour is blue... You're in for a treat. 
This cabinet's authentic handcrafted aesthetic mixed with its uniqueness will undoubtedly reinforce its natural character and charm. Be ready to be asked about it! 

2. Whitewashed Wood Cabinet with Glass

Chic yet rustic, whitewashed wood materials are very impactful in any space. They're simple with an earthy feel yet leave a lasting raw impression. Perfect to elevate your dining room! 

3. Green Cabinet with Glass

We love when organic pieces and earthy colours combine. This green cabinet with glass will instantly bring warmth and elegance to your home, also thanks to its  brass accents. 

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June 15, 2022 — Olivia Maitre