With new stock arriving soon, our pre-season end-of-line clearance sale boasts some gorgeous handcrafted pieces from Ellementry, that work well as festive additions for the season.  We’re offering some irresistible prices of at least 30% off.  Limited quantities only in most of them, so don’t leave it too late.

Cake stands

When we’re lucky enough to have a cake at the INSIDE office/warehouse/showroom in Wong Chuk Hang, we have to confess to the less-than-elegant and rather lazy habit of cutting it and then clumsily levering it straight out of the box, usually onto a napkin. 😱 You’d probably excuse us if you saw the washing-up facilities in this old industrial building, but that’s the only excuse we have.  Let’s face it, cake stands make an occasion out of cake - or biscuits or mince pies or fruit tarts - and for an extra special and photogenic touch, simply add some berries or flowers around the edge.  Preparation time: 2-3 minutes.  Guest approval rating:  Extremely high. 

handmade white marble cake stand 
White marble cake stand 

Our wooden or marble cake stands come with a glass cloche for keeping your cake fresh.  If there’s any left, of course, because who is going to be able to resist something that’s served so beautifully? Now on sale at 30-50% off.

 handmade wooden cake stand
Fluted glass cloche with wooden stand

By the way we’d love you to come and browse or shop at the showroom, just be sure to bring something to read in the very slow old industrial lift!  

Wax filled bowls

Our Attar Maroon Wax Filled Bowls, in purple and in grey, is a must-have for elevating your festive ambiance. This elegant glass bowl, filled with richly scented wax, adds a touch of glamour to any space, without worries about wax spills. Now on sale at 50% off. 

 Attar wax filled bowl candle

Marble Tea light holder

Our gorgeous marble tea light holder effortlessly lends a refined and sophisticated look to any interior or style.  Now on sale at 40% off.

marble tea light holders

 Diwali diyas

Handmade diyas are especially used during the festival of Diwali. These diyas come in a set of 24 along with handmade wicks to brighten your home for Diwali, or as a way to soothe your spirit any time of the year.   Now on sale at 50% off. 

handmade diya set for diwali


Indulge in our handblown glass tumbler sets, with or without a matching carafe. The deep emerald green of the Andaman Sea and thoughtfully ergonomic designs redefine the aesthetics of a bedside table, work desk or any tabletop they grace.   Now on sale at 70% off. 

glass tumbler midori set

Dimpled hand-blown glass, in a fresh turquoise blue, which makes us dream of the Mediterranean sea.  Only a few left.  We think they are pretty enough for a party, but equally nice for everyday use. Now on sale from 30-50% off. 

quoise glass tumbler set

Coffee sets

Bring some glamour to your coffee experience with the Oro Brass Coffee Filter Maker and Brass Coffee Gold Set, designed to infuse your brew with genuine flavour. Meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, this set invites you into the heart of the South Indian coffee tradition  Now on sale at 30% off. 

brass coffee set gold

Nut bowl and Masala wooden platter

The Masala Nut Bowl is a great choice for serving snacks when you're hosting a party. Drawing inspiration from black peppercorns, this comes in a set of two, making it perfect for chips and a dip. Now on sale at 30% off. 

masala wooden nut bowls

The Masala Wooden Platter is ideal for both hosting occasions and everyday use. Crafted from mango wood, we’d use this leaf-shaped platter for serving nuts, crisps, biscuits or sweets.  Now on sale at 40% off. 

masala wooden platter

Decorative birds

Discover the quirky charm of our hand-carved oak bird figurine, featuring a gleaming brass beak. Its minimalistic elegance and unique grain pattern make it a versatile addition to your desk or coffee table, or as an original gift.  Now on sale at 30% off. 

handmade decorative bird

Luminaire terracotta lamp

Opt for this environmentally friendly, handcrafted terracotta lamp to infuse your decor with rustic charm. Strategically place the lamp to illuminate or soften various spaces in your home.  Now on sale at 40% off. 

 handmade terracotta lamp

October 13, 2023 — Mary McBain