Cloche Verveina Louisa Cedar Green Candle

$480.00 HKD

Cloche by Côté Bougie is a true decorative element. Lift the body of this candle, it will reveal its wonderful scent. A beautiful decorative item, a candle and at the same time a wonderful home fragrance that creates a relaxed feeling. The cloche scented candle is packed in a beautiful gift box.

- Base notes: white cedar, musk, green tea
- Middle notes: verbena, mint, peony
- Top notes: lemon, cedrat, litsea cubeba
- Size: M
- 40 hours
- Diameter: H12 x D7.5cm

About Côté Bougie

Côté Bougie is a family-run artisanal business based in Marrakech, and more specifically Sidi Ghanem. Their collections, which combine traditional know-how with modern design, pay homage to Moroccan artisans and their age-old techniques.