Sabra Nelia Orange Blossom Candle XL

$3,900.00 HKD

Woven from black plant silk (Sfifa), golden ribbon - 5 wicks - 100% cotton wick - Orange blossom.

Olfactory pyramid Orange Blossom
The scent of Orange Blossom at the return of spring, which spreads in all the streets of Marrakech, and whose scent exudes a subtle sunny wake … The Orange Blossom offers a suave, fresh and sensual scent, which envelope you of light and well-being.

- Fragrance: Orange blossom
- Burn time: 400 hours
- Height: 20 cm
- Diameter: 20 cm

About Côté Bougie

Côté Bougie is a family-run artisanal business based in Marrakech, and more specifically Sidi Ghanem. Their collections, which combine traditional know-how with modern design, pay homage to Moroccan artisans and their age-old techniques.