Spices Square Terra Black Wooden Wick Candle

$650.00 HKD

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Terracotta scented candle with crispy wooden wick - 1 wick.

Olfactory pyramid Spices Square
The indulgence of cinnamon compliments ginger’s pep. With a hint of spice, a touch of vanilla and tonka bean lends the fragrance a warm and enveloping touch.

- Fragrance: Spices Square
- Burn time: 50 hours
- Height: 10 cm
- Diameter: 9 cm

About Côté Bougie

Côté Bougie is a family-run artisanal business based in Marrakech, and more specifically Sidi Ghanem. Their collections, which combine traditional know-how with modern design, pay homage to Moroccan artisans and their age-old techniques.