Turkish Towel Sultan Striped Orange

$400.00 HKD

The Sultan towels are multi functional and highly absorbent, they dry quickly too! The stunning colors and softness of weave make them an ideal gift or treat for yourself! They absorb water more than most towels, dry quickly and get softer with each wash. Here's how you can use them: Beach Wrap, Sarong, towel, a shawl or scarf, chair throw, picnic blanket, sofa/bed/chair throw, blanket...

- Material: 100% Cotton
- Size: 180cm x 100cm
- Made in Turkey
- Machine Washable

About Teresa's Turkish Towels

Teresa and her husband have been calling Hong Kong home for many years. One day, during a layover in Istanbul, they both came across turkish towels. Teresa was inspired by the beautiful colourful cotton towels and started bringing them back to her friends. This soon turned into a new business venture! Turkish cotton is known for its better, stronger, smoother quality, thanks to the length of the fibres.